Our firm has been instructed in one of the national stabbing cases from the London area. While offences of this type have been on the rise in recent times and notably in the major cities, we take great care to ensure that we handle these as per all of our cases with sensitivity and care. Despite the label and the obvious connotations we remain sensitive to the issues and the likely responses of the Criminal courts to come down hard on cases of this nature. The brandishing of any weapon usually attracts the highest sentences before the court for violent offences given the risk of fatality. While the matter is ongoing we take great pains to ensure that the client regardless of their background are dealt with carefully and explained the remit and range of the court.

In the instant case the matter will be sentenced before the Crown Court shortly and all careful steps are being taken both to mitigate and also to assess the underlying issues or causes through the instruction of relevant experts. While the options available to a court are often only for prison sentences we look at ways to identify the root cause and to provide the Court with alternative options to address rehabilitation and reform. Of course only time will tell whether weapon amnesties including the Government’s replies to such offences in the public eye will meet with a further response. We also understand from the client’s perspective that the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to take a no holds barred attitude.

If you are charged or investigated with matters of a similar nature then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on: 0203 9735773 and we shall be glad to assist with early and effective legal advice.