Our Mr Banerjee has been instructed during the investigations and prosecution into one of the largest drugs and human trafficking rings in the Kettering area called ‘Operation Serpent.’ While the case has already lead to several charges for over a dozen Defendant’s it is expected that more are to follow and the enquiries are still ongoing.

The investigations of this particular case span back to around 2017 involving some 250+ police officers from various forces and simultaneous raids of a large number of residential and other properties. This case represents an attempt by Northamptonshire police to disrupt both organised crime, drug supply and the trafficking of young people to supply those drugs. The case is ongoing and is likely to continue into the new year. While as a firm we are adept at dealing with cases of this nature which are both paper and time intensive we take great pains to ensure that each individual client we represent are treated properly and fairly and that we take a practical approach to our advice.

It often involves our instructing Counsel early, so not just at the Crown Court but meeting the demands of a client case head on and to ensure early and effective legal advice is provided so that an informed decision can be made about how to proceed. At SKB Legal we are no stranger to dealing with people in the public eye and or cases that attract media attention so that if this resonates with you then feel free to contact our confidential enquiry lines on: 0203 9735773.